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Let our team create picturesque frontages with soft and hard landscaping services for subdivision developments.

Subdivision Landscaping in SE Qld and Northern NSW

The Advanced Group has over 30 years of experience creating beautiful urban environments for small and large-scale subdivision developments across Australia. Our team of landscape designers create spaces that are vibrant and flourish as plants and trees mature over time. We pride ourselves on using local plant species and trees to create environmentally sustainable garden designs. We balance beauty with privacy and place an emphasis on the visual when adding the final touches to a subdivision development. Our subdivision landscapes bring communities together by creating spaces that encourage exploring and appreciation of the outdoors. When it comes to subdivision landscaping, The Advanced Group is equipped with the skills and knowledge to create something beautiful and functional for your next project.


Subdivision landscaping – the basics

Subdivision landscaping refers to the design and construction of gardens and structures around subdivision developments. This area includes streetscapes and frontages such as gardens, pools, courtyards, public spaces, and recreational areas. Landscaping that is completed in this space ranges from rock retaining walls through to benches, water features, fences, and gardens.


How our subdivision frontages can benefit you

Many benefits come from implementing our bespoke landscaping features on subdivision developments including increasing property value, increasing security, and complying with statutory obligations. Our team is skilled in completing subdivision projects with these particular goals in mind.

1. Increase property value

By making small gardening and landscaping choices for your subdivision, you can significantly increase the value of the development. Planting native trees and shrubs allow the area to flourish which is seen as a benefit by potential buyers.

2. Make developments look identical

When it comes to subdivision developments, particularly townhouses, there is value in making properties look identical. By implementing the same garden design for each property, you can not only raise the property price but keeping them consistent across the development.

3. Privacy and Security

Subdivision landscaping includes outdoor structures that can increase security and privacy for the development and the wider community. Fences, hedges and retaining walls can keep homes private, safe, and secure.

4. Complying with statutory obligations

For some developments, body corporate regulations will apply. Therefore, you may need to implement landscaping features that comply with statutory obligations to maintain the development to a visual standard. Our contractors will always communicate with clients to determine any necessary compliance.


Beautiful urban designs for your subdivision development

Our Subdivision Landscaping Services

  • Turf Laying
  • Soil Preparation
  • Seeding, Planting and Gardening
  • Mulching
  • Pond Construction
  • Paving and Decking
  • Retaining Wall Construction and Rock Walls
  • Gabion and Rock Mattress Installations
  • Fence Installation
  • Outdoor Structures

We work behind the scenes so your business can shine like it’s supposed to

Hire our expert commercial landscapers

To perform small- and large-scale subdivision landscaping, we have a dedicated team of commercial landscapers available for contract. Our team are licenced and certified in every aspect of landscaping and design and can create bespoke environments that flourish as they mature. We use our knowledge and experience as well as industry best practices to ensure we deliver the result we promised. During the early phases of your project, we’ll work closely with your civil contractor to ensure we’re creating a seamless transition to complete your project on time and to budget.

For larger-scale sustainability projects, we deploy our Environmental Services Division who can undertake projects including Geosynthetic installations, water management and maintenance, hydroseeding, mulching and poly spraying.


    Subdivision landscaping available across QLD and Northern NSW

    Our team can provide subdivision landscaping services across South East Queensland including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and up to Noosa. We’re also able to service across Central Queensland including Toowoomba, the Darling Downs and out to Roma. We also work on subdivision developments down to Ballina in New South Wales and everywhere in between.


    Contact us for your next subdivision landscaping project

    If you’re looking for a professional and skilled team to create garden designs and perform landscaping services for your subdivision development, speak with our team today. We go above and beyond to create landscapes that are not only beautiful but create privacy and security for the community. To discuss your next project, give us a call or filling out your specific needs in our online enquiry form.


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