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We have over 30 years of experience installing erosion control devices including everything through to jute, cellular confinement and coir matting.

Erosion Control Solutions and Installation Services

Advanced Group is the leading supplier of environmental protection products across Australia. We have over 30 years of experience installing erosion control solutions for projects in the mining, civil and construction industries. Erosion is the process of dirt, soil, rock or other materials displacing from an area due to weather conditions such as rain or wind. This process can negatively affect the environment including wildlife, private and public properties and especially construction sites. The main concern with erosion is that chemicals, materials and excess dirt will be washed into waterways, creeks and rivers and cause blockages and pollution. Therefore, it is important to install prevention products before a project begins, in order to stop erosion becoming an issue. Learn more about our erosion control solutions below or get in touch with our team today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.



What is Erosion Control?

Erosion control refers to the various prevention methods that can be put in place to stop soil from being washed offsite. The type of protection method you use will heavily depend on the area you’re protecting. Erosion control methods include jute and coir matting, cellular confinement, concrete canvases, polymer spraying, gabion baskets, rock mattresses and more.


Erosion Control Matting

Jute and Coir Matting

Jute and coir matting are 100% environmentally friendly, natural products that are made from coconut husk. This matting is biodegradable and is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Jute and coir matting (including coir logs) protects the ground surface from rain and wind, making it an ideal solution for erosion control. This protection product can assist with revegetation of both flat and sloped landscapes as the coverage offers partial ground shade, warmth retention and accelerated vegetation establishment. A key element for lasting installation is the correct and appropriate laying overlap and pinning distances. 


Concrete Canvas

Concrete canvas, also known as Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Matting or GCCM, is a popular light-weight erosion control method. GCCM consists of a three-dimensional fibre matrix featuring a specially formulated dry concrete mix. Once installation is complete, the surface becomes waterproof due to the PVC backing on the underside of the concrete canvas. The canvas is hydrated by either spraying or submerging the material in fresh or saltwater. This process then sets the fibres which reinforce the concrete, preventing crack propagation. This results in a thin, durable, waterproof and low-carbon concrete layer which carries up to a 50 year service life guarantee.


Alternatives Erosion Solutions

Cellular Confinement

The cellular confinement system is a popular surface stabilisation method used to stop surface soils migrating due to moving water. This system consists of a three-dimensional structure engineered from HDPE which creates a network of interconnected cells. Each cell confines and compacts soil, sand or gravel from unwanted movement. The cellular confinement system improves the structural performance of the infill as well as prevents erosion of the substrate. Cellular confinement is a viable alternative to jute and coir matting or concrete canvas.


Polymer Spraying

Polymer spraying refers to the process of spraying polymer compounds to control erosion on-site. This is a go-to erosion control solution for major civil infrastructure sites as it protects vast areas of exposed ground and helps keep sites compliant with Government regulations. The polymer spaying works by dissolving the compound in water and then spray-applying to surfaces or slopes. The compound lightly penetrates the soil which then binds soil particles together to create a stabilised crust. Polymer spraying is only a temporary solution for erosion control. For more permanent methods, concrete canvas, cellular confinement or jute and coir matting should be considered.


Gabion Baskets and Rock Mattresses

Gabion baskets and rock mattresses are erosion stabilisation techniques that have been used for centuries. Gabion baskets are known for their effectiveness and durability to retain earth and prevent erosion without damming water run-off. This technique is suitable for hard landscaping and provides a means of retaining ground material or safeguarding against erosion. A considerable amount of work, depth of knowledge and high-level expertise is required to install gabion baskets and rock mattresses correctly. Workers must face the rocks and then use pneumatic wire tools to construct the baskets, attach them, lace, clip and complete the installation.


Servicing across South East Queensland and Greater Melbourne

The Advanced Group can provide erosion control solutions for construction sites across South East Queensland including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, up to Noosa and as far down as Ballina in Northern New South Wales. We also service across Central and North Queensland including Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone, Rockhampton, out to Chinchilla and as far north as Cairns. We also have a branch located in Melbourne that allows us to service the Greater Melbourne area.


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