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We have over 30 years of experience designing and constructing structural landscapes for civil and commercial developers.

Commercial Landscaping in SE Qld and Northern NSW

The Advanced Group has over 30 years of experience providing commercial landscaping services across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We specialise in medium- to large-scale landscaping projects, always endeavouring to find and enhance the natural beauty in everything we design and construct. We work closely with you from the initial consult through to the completed design to ensure you’re happy with our progress and the result. We assess your site and make suggestions based on our diverse experience providing landscaping, streetscaping and environmental services for civil developers, construction companies, and builders. To learn more about our commercial landscaping services, read below or to discuss your project, speak with our team today.


This is just a small selection of the structures that our landscaping team can create. Get in touch with us today for more information on our range of structural landscaping options.

Our end-to-end structural landscaping services

Our team have a diverse range of experience performing structural landscaping including designing and constructing patios, fences, retaining walls, fountains and more. We can assist with the installation of a range of structures including:

  • Pond Construction
  • Paving 
  • Decking
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Gabion and Rock Mattress Installations 
  • Fencing Construction 
  • Water Management and Maintenance 
  • Geosynthetic Installations

Premium garden maintenance

Our landscapers can also perform grounds maintenance and gardening clean-up services including sweeping footpaths, litter removal, and gutter cleaning. We’re also soil specialists and can undertake mulching, soil preparation, hydro-seeding and more. Our team always clean up after themselves and will dispose of any garden clippings and cuttings at the local green waste facility. We are the best full-service garden maintenance service – if it’s green, we’ve got your back.

Our gardening services include:

  • Turf Laying
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Hydro Mulching
  • Polymer Spraying
  • Soil Preparation
  • Planting and Gardening
  • Mulching
  • Herbicide Application
  • Pavement and Footpath Cleaning 
  • Litter Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning

Other environmental services

The Advanced Group also works with customers to perform large-scale environmental projects. Some of these projects include domestic and small-scale developments, large commercial developments, civil engineering, and mining. Our Environmental Service Division can perform erosion control, land reclamation and the technical installation of complex geosynthetic stabilisation systems. We also work with developers to create streetscapes and subdivisions.


    Custom commercial landscaping solutions to suit every business

    We work behind the scenes so your business can shine like it’s supposed to

    This is just a small example of the commercial clients that we have helped in the past. If you have a commercial landscaping job that needs an expert touch and efficient handling without blowing out your project budget, The Advanced Group is here to help.

    Who we work with

    Our commercial landscaping services are open to a wide range of commercial businesses, government sectors, and the public including:

    • Hotels and Resorts
    • Airports
    • Shopping Centres
    • Commercial Offices 
    • Childcare Centres
    • Local Councils
    • Education Facilities, Schools, TAFEs, University Campuses
    • Retirement Facilities 
    • Gyms and Health Clubs
    • Aquatic and Leisure Centres

      Hire a professional team of commercial landscapers

      When you’re searching for a landscaping contractor you can trust to complete your next project on time and to budget, you can count on The Advanced Group. Our mobile field team is fully equipped with up-to-date tools and machinery to ensure staff safety and increase productivity on-site. We send our team out with equipment including utes, trailers, mowers, blowers, chainsaws, mechanical sweeping attachments and more. We have strict performance monitoring standards and regularly perform audits to ensure we’re meeting customer expectations on all sites.


      Quality landscaping services across QLD and Northern NSW

      Whether you’re located in Central Queensland, South East Queensland or Northern New South Wales, we’re able to assist your next commercial landscaping project. We primarily work within South East Queensland including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and up to Noosa. We’re also able to work in the Darling Downs as far out as Roma including Toowoomba.


      Contact us for expert commercial landscaping

      To get your next project underway, speak with the professional landscapers at The Advanced Group today. We offer both structural landscaping and garden maintenance services as well as complex environmental services. We go above and beyond to work to your exact specifications and provide affordable rates no matter how big or small your project may be. Get in touch with our team today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.


      The Advanced Group specialise in delivering the essential services businesses need to succeed including Commercial Cleaning, Temporary Fencing, Network Services, Trolley Collection, Landscaping, and Environmental Protection.

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