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We provide commercial cleaning services for schools, TAFEs and university campuses across Australia.

School and University Cleaning Services

At The Advanced Group, we have over 35 years of experience providing commercial cleaning services for businesses across Australia including schools, TAFEs and university campuses. Our skilled and professional team understand the specific requirements of cleaning educational facilities. We tailor our needs to your specific facility whether you’d like us to focus on anything from graffiti removal to impact cleans after a viral outbreak. We use top-of-the-range commercial cleaning equipment as well as non-chemical products to ensure surfaces are cleaned, maintained, and sanitised correctly. Our team are always working towards a clean and healthy work environment for all staff and students. Learn more about our commercial cleaning services specifically for education facilities by reading below or contact us today to organise a free quote.


Hygiene Cleaning and Sanitation Services

Our teams are well experienced in sanitation cleans required after an outbreak in a school or college, ensuring proper processes for disinfecting and washing a range of internal and external surfaces. We perform deep cleans which are also termed as impact cleans of the affected area or any specific areas as required. This ensures the sanitisation has been carried out correctly and the facility can be reopened quickly and with confidence.

Carpet Steaming and Floor Cleaning

We have the correct equipment and eco-friendly products to clean all types of flooring including carpets, tiles, wood and vinyl. We’re capable of commercial floor polishing, steam-cleaning carpets and stripping and sealing vinyl. Our team can even perform flood clean-up including water extraction and steam cleaning.

Window Cleaning, Fans and Skylights

When you have hard-to-reach windows that need to be cleaned, you can count on the team at The Advanced Group. We offer internal and external window cleaning including low-rise and high-rise windows. We can also perform speciality cleaning of high ceilings including fans and skylights.

Kitchen Cleaning and Bathroom Sanitation

Our team can perform deep cleaning and sanitation of bathrooms and food preparation areas. We use chemical-free products to clean sinks, benchtops, stovetops and ovens. We’re also able to disinfect taps, sinks and toilets as well as provide feminine hygiene removal and nappy removal. To ensure the safety of staff and students, we use different products, cloths and mops for different areas to avoid cross-contamination.

Vandalism Clean Up

Unfortunately, vandalism is prevalent in many educational facilities – especially schools. Therefore, we offer vandalism clean-up services including graffiti removal and break-in glass clean-ups. We have the right products to remove felt pen marks and spray paints from surfaces.

Carpark Sweeping and Exterior Cleaning

Our specialist pressure cleaning teams provide pressure washing of buildings and grounds. Additionally we provide carpark sweeping, line marking, pot-hole filling and bump stops.

Impact Cleans

The Advanced Group also assists with impact cleans to minimise the effect of mass infections due to viral and bactrial outbreaks. We sanitise and disinfect all surfaces, especially areas that are likely to harbour the highest concentration of pathogens like elevator buttons and door handles.


Our team of Professional Cleaners

If you’re searching for a team of professional cleaners to deep-clean your education facility, look no further than Advanced Group. We offer professional commercial cleaning services that exceed expectations. Our staff undergo state and federal police checks and hold all clearances to allow them to work in educational facilities. Our team are easily identifiable as they wear the approved uniform at all times and wear ID badges. Our identification badges include the name of the cleaner, our organisation and serial numbers of all essential induction information as well as a headshot photograph clearly identifying the individual.


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School and University Cleaning across Australia

We’re able to deep clean educational facilities including university campuses, TAFEs and schools in locations across Australia including:


SEQ, Sunshine Coast, inland to Toowoomba, Mackay, Townsville, Gladstone, Rockhampton and Cairns

New South Wales

Northern New South Wales down to Ballina and out to Northern Rivers, Greater Sydney and Western suburbs

Australian Capital Territory



Greater Melbourne and Warrnambool

South Australia

Greater Adelaide area

Western Australia

Greater Perth

Northern Territory



Keep it clean with our expert team

Call the professional cleaners at Advanced Group today to organise an affordable cleaning contract for your education facility. We ensure all clients are satisfied with our services whether your facility is a TAFE, high school or university campus. You can speak with our dedicated team today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.


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