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We specialise in the design and construction of commercial landscaping, streetscaping and subdivision developments.

Landscaping Services

The Advanced Group specialises in both the design and construction of medium to large-scale landscaping, streetscaping and subdivision projects. With a passion for natural beauty, we design, dig and plant all day long for many civil developers, construction companies and builders.

Specialising in new subdivision landscaping and streetscaping, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful urban and lifestyle environments. The visual appeal of a well-appointed landscape or streetscape is the key element of your development. When done well, landscaping can bring together communities and create a sense of homely comfort.

We work closely with your civil contractor during the early phases of the project to create a seamless transition as the site matures. Our Environmental Services Division sets the standard for environmental sustainability from the outset. This theme is then continued when our landscaping services team completes the site.

To learn more about our commercial, subdivision and streetscaping services, read on or get in touch with our team today to discuss your landscaping needs.


Our Landscaping Services






Commercial Landscaping


Our commercial landscaping services encompass both structural landscaping and gardening services. We can design and construct outdoor structures including ponds, decks and patios, retaining walls, rock walls and fences. We also complete grounds maintenance including sweeping footpaths, litter removal and gutter cleaning. Our team can improve the visual appeal of any commercial business including hotels, airports, shopping centres, office buildings, childcare centres, educational facilities (schools, TAFEs, university campuses), local council buildings, retirement homes, gyms and leisure centres.


Our experienced team specialise in streetscape designs to improve the quality, function and visual appeal of a public space. The way a local street is designed directly reflects the local community in terms of economic activity, health and sustainability. Therefore, we always approach our designs by thinking of both road users and pedestrians. We aim to create a streetscape that is safe and clear for transport services as well as having spaces for the wider community to enjoy. Streetscaping involves planting native trees and shrubs, constructing fences and street furniture, benches, playgrounds, public amenities and toilet blocks.


Our landscaping services extend to subdivision developments including streetscapes and frontages that feature gardens, pools, courtyards, public spaces and recreational areas. Including landscaping features for subdivision developments increases the value of your property as well as offers more privacy and security for residents. Some developments require specific landscaping features to comply with statutory obligations, this is something The Advanced Group can also assist with. Subdivision landscaping includes everything from soil preparation through to pond construction, retaining walls, gardening and outdoor structures.


Our Environmental Services Division

Large-scale infrastructure projects require a different focus and a considerably larger labour force. This is where our Environmental Services Division steps in. We work with clients including domestic, small and large commercial developers, civil engineers and mining companies. Our infrastructure landscaping team can plant hundreds of thousands of tube-stock plants as well as lay vast areas of turf. We can also install technically complex Geosynthetics, soils and slope stabilisation materials to ensure vegetation has the best chance of thriving. Maintenance and watering are also crucial during this establishment phase which our team can also handle. Our Environmental Services Division has years of experience working on large-scale infrastructure projects and are happy to assist with any erosion control and land rehabilitation projects across Australia.



Our Landscaping Services include:


Our team of professional Landscapers

We have a certified and licenced team of landscaping contractors who understand every aspect of landscaping and design. Our team provide a range of customised landscaping and gardening services from turfing and soil preparation through to planting, gardening, seeding and grounds maintenance. We always ensure sites are cleaned up after we’ve completed our work by collecting any clippings, cuttings or waste material and disposing of it appropriately in the local green waste facility. Our team are also skilled in creating hard landscaping solutions including retaining walls, rock walls, permanent fences, benches, toilet blocks and playgrounds.

Our mobile field team are fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to maintain productivity and ensure staff safety on-site. The standard equipment our teams usually leave our depot with includes a ute and trailer as well as mowers, blowers, chainsaws, mechanical sweeping attachments (for sand) and more.

No matter what type of project our landscapers work on, we have high-performance monitoring standards. Our management team performs regular audits to ensure we’re meeting customer expectations on all project sites.


Landscaping Services available across QLD and Northern NSW

The Advanced Group can perform landscaping services across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We work predominantly in South East Queensland including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and up to Noosa. We’re also able to perform landscaping services as far down as Ballina in New South Wales. For projects in Central and Northern Queensland, we frequently travel throughout the Darling Downs, Toowoomba and out to Roma. Let us know about your landscaping project location today and we’ll create a custom solution based on your specific needs.


Contact us to discuss your Landscaping Project

To organise a free quote for your next commercial landscaping, subdivision development or streetscaping project, get in touch with the team at The Advanced Group. Our team of expert landscapers will work to your exact specifications to create a beautiful space that will last the test of time. With competitive rates, top of the line equipment and over 30 years of knowledge behind us, you can’t go wrong with The Advanced Group. Speak with us today by giving us a call or detailing your project requirements in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


The Advanced Group specialises in delivering the essential services businesses need to succeed including Commercial Cleaning, Temporary Fencing, Network Services, Trolley Collection, Landscaping and Environmental Protection.

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