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Secure office cleaning including window cleaning for high rises and commercial carpet cleaning.

Office Building Cleaning

The Advanced Group has over 35 years of experience providing commercial cleaning services for clients right across Australia. We’ve worked with councils, health clubs and private organisations to create affordable cleaning solutions under strict compliance codes. We employ a team of trained cleaning specialists who use the best equipment on the market today to provide thorough cleaning and sanitation services. Every day we perform office cleaning duties at 100’s of locations including high-rise offices as well as stand-alone offices, contact centres, community centres and data centres. Learn more about how we clean and disinfect offices by reading on or give us a call today to organise a free quote.



We handle deep cleans after disease outbreaks including gastro, the common cold and COVID-19. 

Deep Clean and Impact Cleans

Thorough Cleaning from top to bottom

Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings

Our teams use eco-friendly products to clean interior and exterior glass for multi-level offices. We have the equipment and trained staff to assist with window cleaning on both low-rise and high-rise buildings.

Commercial Floor Cleaning and Polishing

We keep office floors dust-free and sparkling by employing class-leading floor cleaning and polishing processes and techniques.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our team will deep clean your office carpet to remove stains, contaminants and bacteria with commercial vacuuming, shampooing and carpet steaming.

Bathroom Cleaning

Our skilled team will perform general restroom cleaning including feminine hygiene removal as well as mirror and toilet cleaning. We use special colour-coded mops and cloths to avoid cross-contamination between bathroom areas and other parts of the office.

General Office Cleaning

We perform general cleaning including vacuuming, disinfecting work desks, chairs, benchtops and more.


Data Centre Cleaning

We also provide specialist cleaning for data centres. This type of cleaning has changed over time to become a specialist cleaning task for which we have adapted many of our internal processes. Regular cleaning is essential to provide the right environment for the IT equipment and its operators.

Our processes when cleaning data centres include:

  • A team briefing to establish procedures for power connections along with isolation of moisture, vapour and pressure detectors systems.
  • A detailed risk assessment is undertaken at the commencement of the contract.
  • Contaminant control mats are used to capture particles introduced by foot traffic and wheels.
  • Regularly scheduled floor services to keep the room free from harmful dust and contaminants that can damage sensitive equipment and cause overheating leading to a decrease in operating life.
  • Supervisors conduct their final inspections of each site before hand over.

Specialist Cleaning Equipment

We use the appropriate and approved cleaning agents and equipment when cleaning offices including Microfibre cloths and mittens, ‘quiet’ vacs utilising the most up-to-date (HEPA) dust filtration systems as well as using spark-free cleaning chemicals and task-specific equipment in-line with safeguards to protect against power surges.



Secure Office Cleaning

At The Advanced Group, we understand that when cleaning office buildings, security is a high priority. Therefore, we employ strict policies that ensure our staff are qualified and security checked prior to commencing work. To ensure the safety of your office, we insist all of our employees undergo state and federal police checks as well as special induction processes. When on the job, our staff are easily identifiable and wear the approved uniforms at all times. Our team carry ID badges that include their name, organisation and serial numbers of all essential induction information. The ID also features a headshot photograph which clearly identifies the individual. We also hold the correct insurances to protect your business.


High Rise Office Cleaning across Australia

We’re able to deep clean multi-story offices throughout Australia including:


SEQ, Sunshine Coast, inland to Toowoomba, Mackay, Townsville, Gladstone, Rockhampton and Cairns

New South Wales

Northern New South Wales down to Ballina and out to Northern Rivers, Greater Sydney and Western suburbs

Australian Capital Territory



Greater Melbourne and Warrnambool

South Australia

Greater Adelaide area

Western Australia

Greater Perth

Northern Territory



Contact us today

Give the team at The Advanced Group a call today to discuss commercial cleaning for your office building. Our extensive experience makes us leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, meaning our trained specialist team know how to handle your facility. Contact us now by giving us a call or detailing your specific needs in our online form.


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